The management of Teight Hotel is deeply conscious of its obligations and responsibilities towards the environment, its employees, and the community. We are dedicated to implementing the following practices and principles to enable us to meet and exceed legislation and expectations. We are committed to achieving best practice in environmental and social sustainability. Our green policies cover all aspects of the hotel operation, ranging from energy conservation, water consumption, reducing waste and recycling.

Energy Conservation
  • Heat pump to produce electricity and hot water. 
  • VRV cooling systems per floor to save energy.
  • Smart room technology (KNX) with volumetric metering to shut down energy systems (lighting, cooling, heating) when rooms are empty.
  • No use of fossil fuels 
  • Glass and energy efficient windows and frames to minimize noise and cooling/heating loss.

Water Consumption
  • Water saving flow reducer in bathroom faucets.

Reducing Waste/Recycling
  • Recyclable plastic bins in communal toilets (Ecoline innovation).
  • Personal care products in dispenser packaging to reduce the consumption of plastic/paper packaging.
  • Recycling the used cooking oil in the restaurant.
  • Battery recycling 
  • Waste separation and disposal in special recycling bins of the municipality (paper, aluminum, glass).

  • Selection of local partners to boost local economy and reduce transport costs.
  • Cooperation with Ecoline, a supplier of ecological and certified detergents.
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